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Because Finding A Part-Time Job Shouldn't Be Your Full-Time Job


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About Tribbi

Through our fun and fresh mobile app, Tribbi takes the undue complexities out of finding and staffing a part-time job and replaces it with personality and efficiency.

The stay at home mandate following the Coronavirus pandemic created a disruption in the economy that led to a 15% unemployment rate, forcing a rise in demand for part-time, entry level jobs. However, the existing job application landscape favors only full-time, experienced jobs. Most part-time job applicants are either unwilling or unable to go through the lengthy and demanding process that these companies have normalized. Likewise, small businesses face high turnover of entry level labor, often with little to no notice.

As businesses reopen their doors, Tribbi allows both businesses and applicants to efficiently connect with our fast, affordable and location-based  "swipe" and "match" design. Let's get to work!

The Job Platform Loved and Trusted

by Businesses Big and Small

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Is Tribbi Right For You?

  • Are you someone that cannot afford to wait a month, or even longer, to hear back about a job opportunity?
  • Do you have multiple responsibilities keeping you busy, with very little time left to go through a lengthy job search application process/hiring process?
  • Are you someone with limited work experience, and are eager to build a reliable, transferable skill set?
  • Are you a business that does not have the time/resources to interview?
  • Do you frequently find good candidates only to have them walk away midway through the application process?
  • Do you operate in an industry that thrives off staff with a certain personality type in order to keep customers happy and returning?
  • Do you struggle finding staff available on odd hours or holidays?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Tribbi is absolutely right for you! With our efficient application, and our specialized filters, such as social type, sense of humor, learning type, and availability schedule, Tribbi does the hard work so you can focus on more important things: making money.