Our Story

Prior to the pandemic, Tribbi's co-founders had recently completed their education at New York University, and were beginning to transition into the corporate world. At the beginning of 2020, once the economy began to collapse, and financial burdens rapidly increased, the partners began to search for part-time work themselves throughout the government mandated shut in. 

As the restrictions imposed on businesses began to lift, the partners of Tribbi noticed that many students and businesses were looking for each other simultaneously and suddenly without a specific outlet. Indeed and Monster dominated the job market and lumped all jobs together, without a way to properly filter through, slowing down the process. The team of Tribbi worked part-time jobs throughout their college education, and understood how crucial these jobs are for the student survival. Part time entry level is a reality that allows over 90% of students to survive, especially during the weakest economy that much of our generation has seen, yet there was no platform that was specific to these sectors. This is when Tribbi was formed and taken to college campuses in New York City in an effort to increase work qualifications and decrease financial anxieties. Tribbi prides themselves with having company values designed by students, for students, with students.


Meet Our Team


    Sapna Sharma

CEO + CoFounder

Sapna Sharma is co-founder and CEO of Tribbi. As a recent graduate from NYU, Sapna offers a relatable perspective, fully understanding the obstacles that females face when transitioning from student life to career life for the first time. Having witnessed her peers financial struggles, she formed the concept of Tribbi, noticing a need that had not been served.  As a PR associate at the Wellth Collective, she has first hand experience on marketing, branding and pitching an idea to a larger company, where CEO Suzie Baleson serves as a mentor and close guide. Sapna balances her time between continuing to settle into New York City and spending time with close friends and family.


   Ariana Varveris

COO + CoFounder 

Ariana Varveris is a co-founder of Tribbi and looks forward to utilizing her academic, professional, and personal experiences in order to bring another great idea to life. As the only woman to hold an upper-level management position at her prior place of employment, Ariana understands the complex challenges working women face. She is excited to provide other women with the skills and knowledge they need to excel to higher positions. When she is not collaborating with her teams on new and exciting projects, Ariana balances her time between completing her CPA exams and rock climbing with her boyfriend. 

Upon graduating from New York University's prestigious Stern School of Business with both her Bachelors and Masters in Public Accounting, Ariana joined "hedge-fund turned data analytics company" Thasos Group as a leader in their operations department. There, she worked with internal and external teams to design and execute key strategy initiatives. She is also a co-founder and C-Suite member for two other start-ups: CLERA Health Labs, the direct-to-consumer lab company that reimagines the doctor-patient relationship, and perci, the mobile platform optimizing how new and expecting mothers approach their health. 

Carl Beck CFO Image.jpg

Carl Beck


Moving from Lake Forest, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago, Carl Beck brought his Midwestern values to NYC to launch his career. As CFO of Tribbi, Carl is passionate about working with people, while leveraging his Finance and Accounting background, to help small businesses organize and execute projects. He currently works in public accounting, with previous work experience in the private equity and real estate industries. Carl graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington with his Bachelors of Science. When not working, he likes to stay active by rock climbing with his fiancee and bonding with family members on the golf course. As a lifelong learner, Carl makes reading a priority in his leisure. He also enjoys building upon his music skills through improvisation on guitar and piano.